Monday, March 22, 2010


Johnny likes to put our clothes on his head. Here he is with Alexandra's shorts.... undies...

And my bra. He couldn't figure out how to get this to stay on his head though so he put it on his arms.

My sweetie pie and her lifeline - her blankie.

All is good in the Lazaridis household. Johnny is busy, busy, busy following his sister around and still getting into things he is not supposed to. Now that he is getting older they are starting to play together and it is so cute. Alexandra has started to ask me when Johnny is sleeping when he is going to wake up cause she wants to play with him. So cute! Alexandra is great as well. She has been fully potty trained for about 3 weeks now, yeah! When people told me that one day they just decide to do it they were right. She literally woke up one morning and that was it. She was only going on the potty.

On a personal note, I am receiving my radiation this Thursday and will be in solitude for 5 days. Although I am looking forward to sleeping in that many mornings in a row I think I am going to be very, very, very bored. I am used to being busy non-stop all day long between the two kids. My mom is coming down to help Nick with the kids. Hopefully, this will be the end of my treatment and I can put this in the past!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dress-up, Dancing & More!

Poor Johnny - he is already being forced to play dress up!

Alexandra in her dancing shoes!

The day Johnny decided to start walking he also started kicking balls. Here is a video of him outside with a ball. I think we have another soccer player on our hands!