Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Pudding Faces!

My snuggle bugs cuddling together.

All is good in the Lazaridis household. Johnny is understanding more and more everyday. He waves bye-bye now, shakes his head for no, and puts his finger up to his mouth and tries to say "ssh". All are too cute! Alexandra continues to expand her vocabulary trying to use words such as "unfortunately"! She is busy trying to keep her brother in line and away from her baby and toys.

I am headed to Chicago this weekend for Krissy's bachelorette party leaving the kids and Nick alone together to fend for themselves. I'm sure Nick's parents will make frequent visits over the weekend to check in!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Park and Bath time fun!

Chilling in his shades on the way to the park.

Sooooooo happy at the park!

Trying her skill on a balance beam at the park.

My bathtime cuties!

I have also finally uploaded an album of pictures in the usual spot from our trip to Wisconsin last month. I am counting down the days til we go home next month for Krissy's wedding. Still can't believe my littlest sister is getting married!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Johnny at Mealtime

The second child just does not want to be little. For a week now Johnny has started refusing food if I try to feed it to him. He only wants to feed himself. He wants his food on a plate like his sister and he has to have a fork or a spoon! This obviously results in very little food in his mouth and most of it in his lap, on his bib or all over his face. Here is a video from dinner tonight. As you will see he is a mess but is in heaven with his utensils!

I think I will be getting a camera for mother's day so I will soon be able to post pictures again. Yeah!