Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alex is 2! Johnny is 2 weeks!

Alexandra turned 2 this week! We celebrated her birthday last weekend with an Elmo themed party when my Mom was still here. Here is a picture of her in one of her presents, a car.

Alexandra breastfeeding her baby! (I have added a video of her feeding her baby as well.) She can never quite get the baby up to her boob so most of the time her baby is eating her belly button.

Johnny is doing great. He is two weeks old now. I believe I am going to have another thumbsucker whenever I stop swaddling him. He has already found his thumb twice. Here is one of the times. He actually put himself to sleep sucking on it once.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My handsome man

Here is a picture of our adorable little man from this weekend. My Mom left this morning and he and his sister miss her already!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The first week home

Hello! Johnny is now 1 week old and he has been a really good baby so far in the first week of his life. When he decided to make his entrance he made it really fast. I was in labor for only 5 hours. A contraction woke me up at 3:15am and at 8:15am Johnny was born. It was great that it was so short and quick but because it was I was not able to get an epidural. Not something I recommend! By the time I got to the hospital I was fully dilated and there was no time for pain relief. It was basically time to deliver. Any pain I endured was well worth it once I saw him though.

My Mom told my Grandma I had to do it without an epidural and in her polite ways she informed my Mom that I had nothing to complain about. She and every other catholic mother in her day did it 6 or more times without one! Gotta love my Grandma.

Alexandra is adjusting well. It has helped that my Mom is here to play and distract her when I need it. She still can't say my Mom's name. She just points at my Mom and says "play" when she wants her to play. Yesterday she actually went and tapped my Mom on the butt and told her "play". She is going to wonder where her playmate went next week when my Mom goes home.

Alexandra has already tried to breastfeed her baby herself, had me swaddle and rock her and gotten into Johnny's bassinet. There is definitely moments of jealously but everyday it seems to be less and less.

I'll write more next week!