Sunday, February 13, 2011

Alexandra's 4th Birthday!

Alexandra turned 4 this past Friday!  She had three fun days of celebrating.  On Thursday she got to bring brownies to school to for her birthday. On Friday she got to go to Chuck E Cheese with Mommy, Baba and Johnny, choose her favorite dinner and open presents from us.  Then on Saturday she had a birthday party that all her friends got to come to.  She was soooooo excited to have her friends from school at her party.  Her two best girl friends at school are in the picture above. They are so cute together.   All the boys ran around and played while Alexandra opened her presents but these two cutie pies sat with Alexandra the entire time she opened her presents.    After three filled days Alexandra was beat last night, we've never seen her so tired!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I wanna be just like Grandpa!

As most people know my Dad does not like the Packers.  To harass my brother-in-law, Mackey, in particular my Dad made a Steeler sign out of paper and taped it to his shirt.  I took a picture of him with it on and he messaged it to Mackey.  He then kept this piece of paper taped to himself all day and throughout the entire football game.  Well, part way into the game Alexandra asked me for a piece of paper, a black marker and some tape.  She went and got to work with her supplies and came back with the piece of paper taped to her just like Grandpa!  It was too cute!!