Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We're Home!

We are back from Greece! We had a great time vacationing and visiting Nick's sister, Chris and her family. We spent the first week on Poros, a greek island. The second week we were there we split our time between Nick's parents' house in Kalamos, a beach town outside of Athens and his sister's house in a suburb of Athens. Alexandra loved the beach, which we were very happy about. We had tried to take her to the beach a couple of times here in Florida but she hated it because she does not like to be dirty. I guess all it took was her cousins to get her to like it. She liked the shower at the beach more than the water. In the water she didn't want to go beyond her knees. She wanted to go stand in the shower though as much as I would let her. She loved her cousins Ioanna and George. She had a great time playing with them. After being with them for two weeks I'm sure she is wondering where they are and why she is now stuck with just Mommy all day long.

Alexandra had her 18 month appointment today. Her height continues to be off the charts. She is now 36.25 inches. Her weight is average at 25 pounds.

We find out on Friday whether the new baby is going to be a boy or a girl! We can hardly wait to find out. I will post the big news over the weekend.

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