Thursday, October 9, 2008

Alex in her super cute Halloween pjs

My big girl trying to brush her teeth (which right now consists of just sucking the water off the toothbrush)

Me at 24 weeks

Alex had a big milestone this week. She peed in her toilet for the first time! I could not believe it, I was screaming with excitement. It only happened that one time this week and probably won't happen for another two weeks but it was still very exciting. She looked so big sitting on her toilet going to the bathroom.

Some other big news is that we finally sold our townhouse! Yeah! It has been two years we have been trying to sell the place. We still cannot believe that we are finally getting rid of it. We are supposed to move into our new house sometime mid-November. Can't wait!

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J-HO said...

Hey Angi-I got to your blog off Megan Welch's Facebook. I am so very happy for you! Looks like you have built yourself a great life! Alex is adorable and congrats on the little boy!! I bet you are sooooo excited! I have 2 nephews and boys are great! Don't get me wrong, girls are great too...boys are just different;) I actually ran into Patti yesterday while I was walking...she looks EXACTLY the same. Whatever she is doing, tell her to keep it up!! Looks great for a g-ma. She sure sounds like a proud mom and g-ma:) Sounds like you all are doing fabulous! so good to hear. I have some great memories being at your parents house with your sibs...:) Anywho, keep updating the blog! So fun! Love-Jaime Hoerres