Thursday, May 28, 2009

Colors & Tummy Time

Alexandra has started the phase where she has to be the one that picks out her outfits. She is also learning her colors so most of the days she thinks she has to wear the same color from head to toe because they "match". This day her shoes were even this turquoise color. I'm not a fashion queen by any means but I don't think the same color all over is whats trendy!!

Johnny's favorite way to be is on his belly right now. I have also uploaded a video of him on his belly, smiling, talking and trying to grab at some toys. He has started trying to reach for toys. He has to concentrate really hard and it is more luck than skill right now but its cute. Everything is just as exciting and cute with the second kid as it was with the first.

Unfortunately our camera just broke so it will probably be a bit before I post some new pictures but I will make sure to keep uploading the videos until then.

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