Thursday, December 17, 2009

Personal Update

I am home from the hospital and feeling good. I was able to come home in the afternoon yesterday. My surgery to have my thyroid removed was on Tuesday morning and it went well. I have not been in any pain since the surgery so that is great. The first day I felt like I had a sore throat and my neck was really sore but that was gone by the next day. Now I just have to try to take it easy and rest and be careful how I move so I don't strain my neck while it heals. My parents have the kids down at their house in Bradenton through the weekend which is really nice. When they come back up here my parents will still be here til New Years Eve to help out with them. We really, really appreciate it. I will keep you posted on my recovery. Hopefully, it is quick and continues to be easy! I do have to do radiation and am hoping I can do it before the end of January to get this whole process over with as quick as possible and have this all just be a distant memory, which it will be one day!

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Megan Recker said...

SO glad that you are feeling well and that the surgery is behind you! Enjoy the time alone to relax and recup. We're thinking of you! Love you!