Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brushes, Purses & More

One of Johnny's favorite toys of the moment is.......a brush! (what about all those toys he got for x-mas?!!) He will carry it around all day trying to brush his own hair as well as anyone else's that he can. If you are the lucky one he tries to brush you basically get hit on the head for two minutes with the hard side of the brush.

Much to his father's dismay, Johnny loves purses right now. He even knows that it goes on his shoulder. He will put one on and walk around with it for a long time! (I'd like to say that he is eating something in this picture but he actually is not. He just has HUGE cheeks!)

My cutie pie turned 3 this past weekend. She is getting too big! I will post some pictures of her party this weekend. (Steve's girlfriend Rebekah took all the pictures for me with her camera so I didn't have to worry about it. Thank you Rebekah!)

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Patty said...

Oh my grandbabies are so so so adorable!