Thursday, April 22, 2010


The kids and I just returned home from a great 10 day visit in Wisconsin. We had so much fun hanging out with all of my familiy. While we were there we had Krissy's bridal shower and Audri was baptized. Unfortunately while we were there, and much to Nick's dismay, I lost our camera. This did not help my track record. Nick thinks I lose everything (sunglasses, cameras, watches) and although I disagree, valuable possessions do have a tendency to walk away from me. So right now all of the pictures I took are sitting on my parents' camera and you'll have to settle with a few videos I took while we were there.

The first is a video of Alex and J loving each other. If its possible they continue to get cuter and cuter together every time we are up there.

The next video is of Alexandra and Johnny running around and being silly upstairs in my parents' hallway.

One night while we were there Alex and I stayed over at Michelle's house. Jaelynn and Alex had their first sleepover together. Neither of them had ever shared a room with another kid at night. Michelle and I were so excited to listen to them giggle and talk. When we left the room and turned the monitor on it was pure silence. Neither of them made a peep! I guess they need another older cousin to show them how a sleepover really goes! This video is of them the night of their sleepover in their matching pjs and jumping on J's trampoline.

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