Monday, September 20, 2010

School, Talking and Story Time

Johnny likes to get in things. Most days he just empties out our toy baskets and gets in them. One day though he insisted on trying to see if he could fit in the refrigerator of their kitchen. He was not successful!

My princess!

All is good here in the Lazaridis household. Alexandra is still LOVING school so that's great. She is so excited everyday to show me what she made at school and I am equally excited to see what she has done and to hear all about it. Johnny is good as well. Still not saying a single word but understands everything we say. He is still obsessed with his sister and copies her all day long. Surprisingly one of his favorite things to do right now is listen to books. Although he likes to listen to the same two books over and over. Up above is Story Time with Baba - happens nearly every evening when he gets home from work.

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