Saturday, October 16, 2010

A comedian, a children's museum and the Florida pumpkin patch

The other day the kids were playing so cute together on the bed I wanted to take their picture. When I said 1 2 3 and went to take the picture Johnny put the blanket on himself. He thought he was quite funny! Then he kept doing it when I tried to retake the picture. Finally I just gave up!

A new children's museum opened up in downtown Tampa. We took the kids there last weekend and they LOVED it!

Johnny got to be a scientist at the museum!

Alexandra practiced her veterinary skills.

Both kids loved the fire truck and especially the fire pole. Even Johnny went down the pole with a little assistance.

We also took the kids to get pumpkins last weekend. Here in Florida a "pumpkin patch" consists of either pumpkins gathered on the ground somewhere for sale or on a table. Not quite the same after growing up in Wisconsin but to the kids it is still exciting.

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