Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Giant on Our Hands

It looks like we have another giant baby on our hands! Johnny went to his two month appointment and in two months he has already grown 3.5 inches bringing him now to 25 inches! He is off the charts in height as his sister was and still is. He weighs almost 13lbs putting him in the 75th percentile. Nick hopes they keep their record height as they grow older so that Alexandra can become a supermodel and Johnny can be a professional basketball player and support us so we can retire early!:):):)

On another note I saw a glimpse into Johnny's future yesterday. I was sitting in the family room while Alex was playing. She asks me for her water. I told her it was on the coffee table (only 5 feet away from her). Trying to see how much she can boss me around she told me to get it. I informed her to get it herself. She tried to ask again and I still said no. Then she says "Big Baby". Translated that means "When the Baby is Big". I said what is the baby (Johnny) going to do when he gets big. She responded with "My Water". I said "When the baby gets big he is going to get your water?" She quickly answered yes! Oh, poor Johnny. He has no idea what is coming to him!


Anonymous said...

What a hillarious story!!! She obviously gets that bossiness from other family members since you and Nick are the farthest thing from. Miss and love you all....see you SOOON!

Marco Family said...

Oh my god, what adorable kids you have! We miss you guys, and look forward to seeing you very soon! We send hugs and kisses your way!

Megan Recker said...

Holy cow! He is a giant! Avery is only like 3 inches taller than him...and she's considered long!
LOL about Alex's demands! Poor Johnny! I'm sure Matt and he can commiserate about bossy big sisters someday! haha!
Hugs and kisses to the little Laz's.