Thursday, April 9, 2009

Love and a Diaper

Johnny is loving his big sis.  I think she makes him smile more than anyone and she doesn't even try.  Now that he is starting to see better he loves to watch her.  It is really cute to watch. He looks at her like, wow, you are really cool.  Alexandra is loving him now too. She can't say his name so she calls him Baby or Jah.  She is very concerned about what he is doing.  The first thing she asks me in the morning when I get her out of bed is "Baby, Sleep?"  Translated she is asking me if he is still sleeping. She loves to give him his pacifier right now.  Although I try to tell her he only wants it if he is crying or tired but she just doesn't understand. So I have been catching her lately trying to shove it in his mouth saying, "Take, Take".  All the while he has a big grin on his face, clearly not interested in it.

So yesterday when Alexandra woke up I saw that she only had 4 diapers left. I thought ok, we're alright, we should be able to make it through nap time. I knew that UPS would come during her nap and the diapers I had ordered were scheduled to be delivered.  So I changed her diaper and we had three left. In the course of the morning she poops twice.  Two more gone. I thought we have one left I can put on her at nap time, we should be good. What does she do two minutes before her nap, poop!  Well, I don't want to run out for one diaper when I know hers will be here shortly.  So what do I do, I found a size 2 diaper in Johnny's closet and somehow got it to fit on her. (For those of you currently with a little one you know how small these are.)  It barely covered her. I'm pretty sure her crack was showing.  And the tape just got around her hips to stick to the front of the diaper.  I just prayed she didn't pee too much while she slept and she didn't move around too much to tear the tape off the diaper.  Luckily neither happened!  

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