Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally a cute picture of them both

Both kids are actually asleep at the same time for once! This is not happening a lot right now since my Johnnycakes still likes to fight sleep during the day. Alexandra was the same way. It must be something in the genes even though Nick and I both love to sleep.

I finally have gotten a cute picture of both of them together. Yeah! This is a very hard task to have them both cooperate at the same time right now.

We are going up to Wisconsin a week from tomorrow for two weeks to see all of my family. We can't wait. We will be up there to celebrate my birthday, Jaelynn's birthday and Donovan's baptism. So there will be lots of, fun!

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Megan Recker said...

Soooooo cute!!! Johnny is getting so big! I am bummed that we will just miss you guys in Madison :( We'll be home around the 12th. Too bad! Enjoy your visit!