Thursday, June 18, 2009

Growing Up

Johnny is finally able to go in his exersaucer now. He loves it.

I for sure thought Johnny was going to be a thumbsucker like Alexandra. He doesn't suck his thumb, instead he sucks his middle and ring fingers to comfort himself and to go to sleep. It is too cute!

This day I told Alexandra that it was time to get dressed. She said okay and disappeared to her room. She came back with her sweatshirt, hat, mittens and socks and told me that it was cold out and she needed to wear this stuff. (It actually was 90 degrees out that day.) Luckily later that day when we actually had to go outside to go somewhere I was able to get the stuff off her without much of a fight.

Both kids are doing good. I started feeding Johnny cereal a couple of weeks ago. He still has no interest in it. When I bring it out he just stares at me and shuts his mouth. I have to play games to get him to open his mouth and then shove the spoon in there. Half the time he is still pushing it out with his tongue. Some bites I think he is actually swallowing it and I get excited and keep feeding him more. A few minutes later cereal starts coming out the corners of his mouth. He has been hiding it in his cheeks!!

Alexandra is still her busy self, learning to talk more and more everyday. Sometimes when she talks I look at her and think, where has the time gone, only two years ago you were a baby and now you are a little person trying to have a conversation with me!

I have a added a short video of Johnny up on all fours. He still is doing it all the time!

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