Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hair, Elmo and Crawling!

Not only do I dress myself I also do my own hair now when my Mommy lets me!

My new Elmo pjs my Mommy got me.  I love Elmo!
I have a sister and I love it!
People told me that the second baby tends to do things (such as sitting up, crawling, walking etc.) early because they have an older sibling they are constantly watching and wanting to do the same things as.  They weren't lying.  This past week Johnny has started to get himself up on all fours!  Alexandra started scooting at 6 months and was fully crawling at 7 months.  I could be wrong but I would imagine if he is getting himself up on all fours already at just 4 months he should be crawling by 6 months.   He is getting too big too fast! 

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Anonymous said...

Love Alex's hair do....too funny!! And that little man Johnny gets cuter by the day!! Wow is he such a sweet smiley boy =)

At the pace he is going he will be riding a bike before Alex....haha. Miss and love you all!!