Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun at the Zoo

I went to the zoo with my sister and cousins this past week. While they had fun seeing, petting and feeding animals all I got to do was eat my octopus. I can't wait to be big!

Johnny wants to be big in so many ways. He is very close to crawling. He is up on all fours all the time rocking back and fourth. He has tried to move a couple of times but both times he only moved his legs and kept his hands in the same place so he just face planted into the floor. You cannot leave him alone in anything, bumbo, bouncer, swing etc. He tries to get out of all of them. This morning I put him in the bouncer in the family room. Alexandra woke up and I thought he would be okay for one minute while I went to get her. I quickly ran to get her. When we got back he was out of his chair, on the floor and up on all fours! He had this huge smile on his face like he was thinking, "Hey Mom, look what I just did! You didn't think I could do it could you!" Eating though is the one area he doesn't care about being like his sister. He does eat his cereal now but he doesn't really care for it. By the end of a tablespoon is crying because he doesn't want anymore. If he only knew what good things are to come once he eats it, peas, green beans, squash!

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