Sunday, September 27, 2009


The kids and I spent the last week in Fort Lauderdale on a mini-vacation while Nick worked. It was a great test for the kids as it was their first long driving trip (4 hours) and their first time sleeping in the same room. They did great in the car and great sharing a room. While Nick worked I took the kids to the pool and park. It was a nice break from our normal routine.

Both kids are doing good. Johnny is extremely busy chasing after his sister and trying to play with whatever she is playing with. He now stands up behind her car and pushes it while he walks. He is determined to do everything she does. Alexandra is talking up a storm. One day on vacation she actually asked me, "Mommy, how was your day?" Its hard to believe I can actually have little conversations with her now.

Now we are back to our normal routine but are counting down the days til we go to Wisconsin for Halloween, can't wait!

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