Monday, October 5, 2009

Shopping, exploring and more

Jabbah and Alexandra in the shopping cart at the grocery store. As you can see Johnny is very happy he is finally big enough to sit in the car. Alex isn't always so thrilled to have him in there with her!

Johnny the explorer! He loves crawling under and through things. Here is one of his favorite places to be, under the kitchen table and chairs!

I have uploaded two new videos as well. One is of Johnny walking with the car. The other video is of Alex reading her Dora Halloween book out loud. We have read her books so much she has them memorized now and can read them to herself. Its so cute!


Patty said...

Johnny is just a scream and Alex is so grown-up reading her book. Both are the cutest kids on this earth!

chris said...

Hey Angi! The kids look great! I'm glad you guys had a good time on your vacation. The pictures and videos are cute. The kids have grown so much!! I've been busy lately, working, and running around. I wish we could chat on skype some. I'd like to. I miss you. Let me know a time when is convenient for you during the weekdays. Talk to you soon. Give the kids a kiss from me.
love, chris