Friday, August 28, 2009

7 months!

Our Ja is 7 months old this weekend! I don't know where the time has gone. For my sisters, family and friends who are expecting their second child, just had their second or want a second in the future, try to enjoy your second one as much as you can when they are little because they don't want to be babies! They want to be like their big sister/brother. At 7 months old Johnny is a speedster at crawling, can pull to a standing position with ease, babbles a lot and is loud, and has 5 teeth! What is he going to be doing at 1? Running, talking and eating a steak??!! We love our Buds and can't to see what he accomplishes over the next 5 months.

Alexandra learned how to ride a trike this past week! She looks so big and grownup riding a bike. She doesn't understand the concept of steering but can pedal like a maniac. She has also entered the "why" stage. I had no idea it started this young. Everyday I am hearing "Why?" more and more. I've quickly learned that they don't really like any answer you give them. No matter what you say they just again, "Why?" You can't ignore them completely though because they will continue to ask you until you acknowledge them. And they ask you "Why" about the simplest things. For example, this morning I told her we had to go to the grocery store. She asked "Why"? I said because we need food. "Why?" Because we need to eat. "Why?" If we don"t eat we'll be hungry. "Why?" Finally I just told her because I said so. I think I am going to be hearing myself say that line a lot.

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