Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where does that Imagination go?

One of the many ways Alexandra, Ioanna and George have entertained themselves! Where does that imagination and creativity go when you grow up? I know I don't have it anymore! They are here one more week. We have had a blast with them and are going to miss them when they are gone.

Here's Johnny! Also known as "Ja", "Jabbah" and "Buds". He is into everything. Sometimes that is good and sometimes that is not so good! He is entertained for hours with everything in our house but he is constantly trying to eat or get into or onto something he shouldn't. He is obsessed with the VCR and cable box. I swear he goes to it fifty times a day. Maybe he's going to be a techie like his Dad!

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Megan Recker said...

Cuties! Can't wait to see you guys this fall. I can't believe Johnny is already into TV, VCR, etc, Aves is just getting into that stuff! Yay for slow learners! LOL!